Each of the positions at camp are important to the entirety of our operation. We all work together to present the most genuine expression of the Gospel message to our campers and guests. Our desire for all of our staff is that they encounter a new face of Jesus, leading them to trust in his power to break down strongholds that are present in their lives. The programs that we offer can range; ranging from full summer commitments or even simply a week. Each position at Camp McCullough serves in a unique role; whether serving campers as a counselor or preparing meals for guests as a part of our kitchen. While every position may look different, their assignment remains the same; make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 



Camp McCullough is a mission-based organization that drives to encourage and walk with young people as they grow in their personal faith. We hold our counseling staff to a higher standard in which they will pursue Jesus in all their interactions while serving. Our counselors will be surrounded by young people from a variety of ages: helping to foster the love of the Gospel in their lives. We do this by building intentional relationships with young people, participating in a variety of experiences through which the love of Christ can be heard and seen.

We believe that our programs are designed to be a medium through which the Gospel can be experienced and powerfully felt. Counselors have the incredible experience of sharing this with campers and creating lasting impacts. The counseling staff has an incredible mission to reach young people and show them the reckless love of the Gospel.

Currently looking for male counseling staff.




The soul mission of this ministry is to reach those whom we encounter through the fun of camp. By showing the power of the Gospel through simple means that are lost to the average eye. Whether it is by serving a warm meal, keeping a clean facility, or watching guests enjoy the water: The Gospel's love is reaching each person we encounter. That is the goal for our support staff, to create a place where our simple interactions are the testimony to the love of Jesus.

Support staff serves our guests in three unique ways. Whether in the kitchen helping serve great delicious meals, helping run fun activities on maintenance, or teaching kids how to swim as a lifeguard: each role is valued. Camp cannot run without these individuals. We believe that this program is best suited for those who wish to learn new skills and practice loving others like Christ did.


Crew leaders are the backbone of the staff programs here at Camp McCullough. Each summer we believe that our mission is only as strong as our leaders, that is where our crew leaders come in. Individuals that are a part of the leadership team are those who will be the face of Camp McCullough in many different areas. Whether that is through their relationships with their specific teams, leading Bible studies, showing hospitality to our guests, etc. Leads have the amazing privilege of pouring into every encounter they have spent with us. We believe that those who wish to serve on our leadership team are equipped to be revolutionaries in every circle they are in, leading like Christ.

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