Our summer staff program has been one of our key ministries here at Camp McCullough. We believe we have the gift of developing leaders and walking with young people as they go out into the world. Each year we bring on staff from all over the Tacoma-Seattle area, young people from different cultures, families, and backgrounds. The summer staff culture builds upon these three values, each focused on developing the entire person. There is no shortage of influences in this world, but we know that we can disciple those who are with us, sending them off on their journeys. Join us as we hope to live out the calling Christ has placed before us.


We believe in the transformation of one’s character when they encounter the love of Jesus. No matter where your background may be, you have been created a new being. While you walk with us during any duration of time this summer, our staff are committed to helping develop and encourage you towards something. Whether it is sitting out on the dock reading our bibles or waking up early to go on a morning swim, we are committed to helping develop Christ-like character in all of our staff. This is not only our mission either, but you must also be open to growing.



One of the greatest gifts Camp McCullough has been able to offer is the gift of friendship. Friendship is one of the foundations of any strong committee. While you're with us, you will be able to walk along other young people as we discover who we all are created to be in Jesus. We may come from different backgrounds, different cities, different educations, no matter the difference, we are able to come together as one team. The friendships you make at camp will stay with you for a lifetime.



Camp McCullough is located in Covington, Washington on the beautiful private lake, Pipe Lake. With over 40 acres of property, you will be taken away from the distractions of the world. While experiencing this beautiful outdoor setting, you will be encouraged to grow in ways you had never even thought. Moments of learning practical skills both physically, emotionally, and physically. Nothing beats a fantastic Pacific Northwest experience.