Each year Camp McCullough has the opportunity to host hundreds of young people as they spend their weeks with us. One of the most exceptional amenities we can offer to our campers and guests is the ability to enjoy our beautiful waterfront facility. Whether they're swimming or boating, lasting memories are made on Pipe Lake. Each year Camp McCullough's waterfront becomes an instant attraction, with guests of all ages enjoying this luxury. As we begin to grow and introduce more programs, our need for a new waterfront grows. Our goal is to restore and build a new waterfront area; including a new boating dock, swimming docks, and other waterfront amenities. If you or your organization is interested in helping Camp McCullough, please contact us today.



Year after year Camp McCullough has been committed to the furthering of the Gospel message by creating an environment that fosters time with God. We have been able to remain faithful to this goal by creating an intimate atmosphere designed to allow guests peace and solitude during their stay. Our facility upkeep is of our highest priority. Staff and guests play a pivotal role in keeping our grounds kept. Whether it is during Summer Season or Winter Season, each amenity and building we offer is in part to our mission. If you or your organization is interested in helping support Camp McCullough's facility upkeep, please contact us today.



Campers from all over can come and enjoy their weeks with us here at Camp McCullough. Their attendance is only possible by the generous donations given each year to support young people who otherwise would be unable to attend camp. Everything from full scholarships to covering final costs; we are incredibly thankful for the willingness of our donors. They are the heroes behind Camp McCullough's ministry. If you or your organization would like to help support camper scholarships, please contact us today.