"You are my place of quiet retreat, I wait for Your Word to renew me" Psalm 119:114

If you have been feeling pressed and alone, overwhelmed or just feel a longing to draw nearer to God, join us for a guided retreat at Camp McCullough.
AKOU'STE means "to listen" in Greek. The Akou'ste Hours is 24 Hours set aside for Scripture led listening and Prayer. Come share meals and communion, practice some beautiful prayers, and study His word while allowing time for the quiet to amplify the Creator's love for you.
This Spring of 2016 we will have 3 Akou'ste retreats,
February 26 & 27, April 15 & 16, and May 20 & 21.
Cost is $75 (includes meals and lodging)
All the retreats will begins at 4pm Friday and ends at 4 Saturday. Limit is 20 people. Both men and women are welcome.
Download the registration form here
You can contact Lisa Miller (253) 329-8761 for details.